Find Clover Creek Nursery in Summit

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We are sharing space with Larson Tree Service in the Summit/South Hill area.

This is easy to find, we’re less than a mile from Canyon and 104th, and just around the corner from Woodland and 104th.

Here’s how you can find us:

  • Come down 104th from Meridian. Turn left on 66th Ave. E.


  • Come down 104th from Canyon. Turn right on 66th Ave. E.


  • Turn left on 106th St. Ct. E. We’re on the right as you head down the little hill there.

7 Responses to Find Clover Creek Nursery in Summit

  1. Helen Pegg says:

    From 512, please!

    If I turn off 512 at Canyon and cross back over 512 – then what? To 104th and turn right? Or left? Etc.

    I must REALLY want to shop with you, or I wouldn’t go to so much confused effort!!!

    • Scott says:

      Hi Helen,
      You can turn left off of 512, and then cross over the freeway, then turn right on 104th.
      On the map there is a link to get directions and you can just type in your starting location and it will give you google directions.

      • Helen Pegg says:

        Coming from Parkland on 512 which way do I want to go. Seems to me that Summit will be on my left, so I’ll go right off 512 and then go left across 512 to go to Summit? No??

      • Helen Pegg says:

        Last Saturday I tried to follow the above directions and ended up back on the wrong side of 512 -after driving around for half an hour.
        I think I turned the wrong way on 104th.
        I plan to try again this next Thursday or Friday.
        Helen Pegg

  2. Helen Pegg says:

    Well. As you know, I finally found you with your improved directions from 512. Hooray!

  3. Roxanne Harris says:

    Hi Scott ~ Just want to thank you for the plants I bought last fall! I’m looking forward to shopping at your site this year, also. So glad I found Clover Creek Nursery in Summit! :) God bless you!

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