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Going to a Farmers Market

The Farmer’s Market season is in full swing. Some start earlier and some start later, but right now all the local farmer’s markets are open for business. If you haven’t been to a local market yet, you have been missing … Continue reading

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Create a Butterfly Garden

People love butterflies. They are beautiful, fascinating creatures. Even people who don’t like bugs and other creepy crawly things tend to like butterflies. Gardeners often ask me which plants will attract more butterflies to their yard. There are certainly many … Continue reading

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Do Your Trees have a Flare for Roots?

The next time you’re fishing for a conversation starter at a cocktail party, try this line: “So how’s your root flare?” OK, you probably won’t get much more than a blank stare, or a “huh?” in response. How about at … Continue reading

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Threadleaf Coreopsis Verticillata

Threadleaf coreopsis is one of the most popular of perennials. They are good for new gardeners who want some quick results. You want something easy to grow that will make a strong impact all year long? Go with one of … Continue reading

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Moonbeam Coreopsis (Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’)

At a Glance: Herbaceous Perennial Zones 3-9 Full Sun Dry to Moist Soil Yellow flowers Blooms June-October 18-24” tall 18-24” spread Heat/Drought tolerant Attracts butterflies Deer and Rabbit resistant   Moonbeam Coreopsis, or tickseed as it is sometimes called, is … Continue reading

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Thinking Outside the Boxwood – Ideas for Hedge Plants

Many different kinds of plants can qualify as hedge plants. All that’s really needed is dense foliage and a reliable, regular shape to the plant. Many folks don’t consider deciduous plants when putting in a hedge and that is a … Continue reading

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Pruning Fruit Trees

You might be surprised to hear that early spring is the ideal time to prune your fruit trees. I mean, haven’t we always been told that winter is the best pruning season? Well, yes, if you need to do some … Continue reading

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Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick

Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick is a plant lover’s plant. It is one of the most unusual plants you will ever see. It captures peoples’ attention from the first time they see it. If you have one in your yard, your … Continue reading

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35 Things You Can Do in Your Garden This Winter

Me and some of my gardening friends were recently talking about winter gardening and what we were all planning on doing between now and spring. I guess we were all going through some gardening withdrawal! And, what with spring being … Continue reading

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Fall Tool Prep for Winter

This is the 3rd article in a 3 part series on getting the yard ready for winter. You can read the first two parts here, and here. If you work in your garden regularly you probably have a certain amount … Continue reading

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