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That's MeI’m Scott. I live in the Parkland/Spanaway area near Tacoma. I started growing and propagating my own plants a few years ago as a hobby and it just kind of took off, so I decided to make it into a nursery. This is still not my day job. It’s just a fun way to participate in the plant industry, provide plants at a low cost, pay for my hobby and meet lots of great people!

I have a beautiful wife, and wonderful daughter, and loving family and great friends. Outside of my nursery I am involved in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) in Puyallup, I love to run, and I love to go do Disneyland. We try to get down there about three times a year.

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Clover Creek Nursery

I believe in growing good quality plants and selling them at a low price. We specialize in the trade 1 gallon pot size of plant and we sell them for only $5.97 per plant. Once in a while we have a few larger plants that will sell for a bit more, but 90-95% of our plants are 1 gallons at $5.97. That’s basically what we’re all about.

The nursery is in our backyard. I grow plants from cuttings and from seeds and raise them in beds until they are big enough to sell. We don’t have a regular year-round nursery. Instead we sell plants out of our driveway on the weekends in the peak seasons: April-May and again in September. We just love to meet all the wonderful people out there who love to buy plants! Plant lovers are some of the nicest people around. If you’re in the area in the spring or September I hope you’ll come by and check out our plants!

This spring we are selling our plants at a lot in South Hill, sharing space with Larson Logging and Tree Service.

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