Huge Plant Sale!

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Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  10:00 to 5:00 each day.

Looks like it might rain this weekend.  Don’t be a sissy!  Shopping for plants in the rain is awesome and the plants love it!

2,467 plants must be sold, most only $5.97 each. This is completely nuts to sell these plants this cheap but I have way too many and I need the room.

Arizona Sun Blanket Flower

This is just a partial list of what you can get for just $5.97. Burning bush, Pink Beauty Potentilla, Gold Finger Potentilla, Java Red Weigela, Red Prince Weigela and Mountain Fire Pieris. That last one puts on brilliant red new growth every spring and again throughout the summer and fall.

Listen.  I have completely lost my mind and I have ordered more starter plants than I can possibly fit in the nursery.  I’m serious, I have to move some plants!  If you miss this sale, you are truly missing out.

While crusing through the plants in my nursery I discovered a bunch of beautiful hostas that need a good home. There are at least 15 different kinds. Electrocution looks shocking. Blue Mouse Ears is the cutest. The leaves are blue and as round as a mouse ear. T Rex will get to be as big as it sounds. These are perfect for a shady spot.

Mrs. Bradshaw Geum

And we have lots and lots of colorful Coral Bells, some really nice Blue Fescue Ornamental grass, Nikko Blue Hydrangea! All kinds of perennials, some of the most amazing pagoda primroses unlike anything you’ve seen before! Neon Star Dianthus, amazing plant! Firewitch Dianthus. Better get these right away. Now that they’ve started blooming they fly out the door. Seriously. And they are in full bloom now.

Listen carefully.  I have a handful, and I mean a handful of Nikko Blue Hydrangea and Glowing Embers Hydrangea.  Huge snowball flowers!  Nikko Blue is famous for its deep blue flowers and Glowing Embers will knock your socks off with those spectacular reddish-purple blooms.

Holy cow! I almost forgot. I’ve got a huge selection of French Hybrid Lilacs. French hybrids are the most fragrant lilacs on the planet! $5.97 each! How crazy is that? Trust me, it’s white coat crazy. If I’m not here when you get here, you’ll know they threw me in the asylum for selling these so cheap!

Listen, you better print this out, grab a red or blue ink pen and start circling the things you want.

Aphrodite Rose of Sharon

Oh yeah!  On my cruising through the plants mission I also found a handful of white currants and some fig plants.  You ain’t gonna find them in the big, gangly, no personality box store. Have you ever had a fresh-off-the-tree fig? Mmmm they are good!

Let’s see, what else do we have for $5.97? How about Rosy Glow barberry for protective hedges. It has beautiful burgundy and rose dappled leaves. Really nice plants, especially at this crazy low price. We also have Emerald Gaiety Euonymus and Winter Gem Boxwood for low evergreen hedging, and these are a steal at $5.97

Listen this is just part of a huge, huge list of plants that I’m selling for $5.97 each. It’s crazy I know, but that’s my thing. I’m the guy that sells thousands and thousands of plants for only $5.97 each.

Lotsa Hosta!

Okay, so I have a few things in the nursery that are not $5.97. I’ve got a nice selection of really rare Japanese maples, $39 each, some flowering variegated dogwood trees for $33 each and peonies for $13. Also some Black Tower elderberries. Google Black Tower Elderberry and be prepared to be blown away. These are one of the coolest plants on the planet.

Want to grow your own berries? I’ve got some nice blueberry plants for $7.97. These things will explode in your garden and make lots of berries this year. I’ve also got a few fall gold raspberries and some really nice boysenberries for $9.97.

I also have a really nice selection of 1 gallon rhododendrons and azaleas for just $10 each, and the most beautiful clematis and wisteria for $12.97. These are really, really nice plants and they are a steal at these prices.

Golden Chain Tree

Want a Japanese Red Maple or a Golden Chain Tree for only $5.97? I’ve got’em! Really nice ones. Better hurry. Where else are you gonna find a Japanese red maple or a golden chain tree for only $5.97?!

Grab your umbrella, put on your flashy water shedding parka and come to my plant sale!  Maybe the weatherman will be wrong.  It’s not like that hasn’t happened before.

We’ll be open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. til 5:00 p.m.  Get here early!  Stuff sells fast!  When you pull in you can park wherever there’s space. We’re in a big lot with a produce stand and my plants set up right next to them. Derrick, the produce guy, sells some great produce and some really nice hanging baskets, too. Me and Derrick, we share the space and it works out great for everyone.

Seriously though, Derrick has some really nice stuff and he’s a super nice guy.  Make sure you check out his stuff and say “Hey!” to him while you’re here.

Clover Creek Nursery, 14407 94th Ave. E. in South Hill. Don’t use Google to find us. Google has the wrong address! Plug “14407 94th Ave. E,. Puyallup” into your GPS thingy (zipcode is 98375) so you don’t fly past the joint or end up in the wrong town.

Don’t be a sissy!  It’s only rain.

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