HUGE $6.97 PLANT SALE in Puyallup!


June 16-18 (Father’s Day!!!) – Fri & Sat 9 AM to 5 PM, Sun 10 – 3


6712 106th St. Ct. E. In South Hill (98373)


Don’t you wish you could fill your yard with lots of beautiful plants without it costing so much money?


Well, you’re in luck because, apparently I have way too many plants in my yard, and they have to go. At least that’s what my wife is telling me. These are really nice, beautiful, healthy plants. But, we barely have any room to get around the backyard between all the potted plants.


So I’ve hauled a bunch of these plants (about 2063 of them, but who’s counting?) out to a place in South Hill to sell, mostly for only $6.97, including Japanese Red Maples, golden chain trees, and daylilies in at 13 or 14 different color blooms.


Yes, that’s right, we have a ton of daylilies out at our plant place this weekend. There’s Always Afternoon, Black Stockings, Custard Candy (don’t these have fun names!), Double River Wye, Fooled Me, Fragrant Returns, Happy Returns, Moonlit Masquerade, Moses Fire, On and On, Orange Nassau, Pardon Me, South Seas. Phew! I feel like I’m missing one. Oh yeah, Spiritual Corridor! These are all beautiful stunners. I love all of them and I almost hate to part with them, but there’s just no more room around here for them. So they’re ready to go for only $6.97.


Can you believe that? A Golden Chain tree for $6.97? Sure they’re small, but they sure are pretty, with nice green leaves.


Here’s some more of what we have…


Shrubs and trees: We have Rosy glow and golden rocket barberry plants, camellias, winter beauty boxwood, gold mop cypress, blue star juniper, gardenias, royal purple smoke bush, red twig dogwoods, variegated red twig dogwoods, burning bush, Snow Queen hydrangea, Pink Diamond hydrangea, Annabelle hydrangea, Gulf stream nandina (heavenly bamboo), diabolo ninebark, pink beauty potentilla, Bluebeard, dappled willows and more.


Perennials: Several kinds of coral bells in spectacular colors. Several kinds of hostas, too. We have big ones like Sum and Substance and Earth Angel, blue and yellow ones, blue and white ones, green and white.

We also have Spanish lavender, English lavender, 4 kinds of delphiniums in purple, blue, pink and white. 2 kinds of Oriental poppies, Lupine, fire witch dianthus in full bloom, astilbes for shade, columbine, red geums, hardy geraniums, penstemons for the hummingbirds, Jacob’s ladder, catmint… phew. I’m getting out of breath and I haven’t half started! You gotta come see all we have. Seriously!

We also have some great summer blooming flowers like blanket flowers, coreopsis, coneflowers, shasta daisies, phlox, bell flowers, red brandy black-eyed susans, and lots more.


Ground covers: kinnikinnick, the perfect evergreen ground cover, Hardy ice plants in red! Creeping phlox, black scallop ajuga for shady ground covers, candy tuft, aubretia, arenaria (mountain sandwort), vinca minor, fiesta St. John’s Wort…

Grasses! We have feather reed grass, variegated feather reed grass, dwarf pampas grass (that still gets 6’ tall and wide), porcupine grass. We have 2 kinds of Japanese forest grass for shady areas. Lemon grass, Eljiah blue fescue, evergold sedge, Northern Lights grass. Lots of grasses, all beautiful! Oh, and Mexican feather grass. This one you have to feel!


This place is like plant treasure hunt. We have rows of tables. All packed with beautiful plants that we sell for $6.97 each.

We also have some really nice premium plants that are still a fantastic deal!


Mountain laurels – we have 2 kinds in 1 gallon pots for just $8.97. These have amazing flowers when in bloom, and they have really nice evergreen foliage all year long. Some of these are blooming right now!


Rhododendrons and azaleas – we have about 14 varieties to choose from, and they are only $10 in the 1 gallon size.

Climbing vines – We have 1 gallon Fiona’s sunrise jasmine for $9.97. These are glowing with their golden foliage, and when they bloom the fragrance is delicious! We also have 7 kinds of clematis to choose from for just $12.97 each. These are beautiful plants you won’t want to miss out on. Also 2 kinds of honeysuckles for $10 each!


Daphne – We have 1 gallon eternal fragrance daphne for $13.97. Just a few left, then they’re gone!


More berries – We have gooseberries, gojiberries, service berries. These are all just $10 each. And we have some young fig starts for $6.97 apiece! Several kinds of blueberries, most for just $6.97 in quart pots.


There’s a lot more but no more time to tell you. You have to see the selection!


This Friday and Saturday from 9:00 to 5:00! Sunday and Monday, 10-3. Don’t lolly gag, get your self out here!


Clover Creek Nursery
6712 106th St. Ct. E.
Puyallup, WA 98373


Plug that into your GPS thingy so you don’t fly past the joint!

When you come by, I’ll talk to you. Face to face, just like the old days. I’ll show you my plants, offer gardening advice. Help you all I can. In person.


Listen, I want to help you make your garden even more beautiful than you thought possible.

If you like plants and like to save money, then you have to get yourself into the car and come and see what we have.

We are in a big lot. We are renting space from the Larson tree service company. Pull in, park wherever there’s a space. If you see Lorn Larson, be sure and say hi. He’s really nice.


Clover Creek Nursery
6712 106th St. Ct. E.
Puyallup, WA 98373


This Friday and Saturday from 9:00 to 5:00! Sunday, 10-3.


I’m looking forward to meeting you!