Huge 2 Day Plant Sale!

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This Saturday and Sunday!

1,983 Plants must be sold this weekend, only $5.97 while they last!


Rheinland Astilbe – Click on Me to zoom in!

Help! I think my wife is going to go crazy if I don’t get these plants out of our yard! I have to admit, she has a point. We are swimming in beautiful plants here.

What can I say, I love my plants, but I love my wife more, so right now our driveway and front lawn are full of plants for sale, mostly for only $5.97, including Japanese Red Maples, dappled willows, and flowering potentilla in at least three or four different color blooms.

Goldfinger potentilla is my favorite. The beautiful green leaves are smothered with bright yellow buttercup flowers from June to October every year. The Pink Beauty, McKay’s White and Abbotswood potentilla are really nice as well. Absolutely beautiful when in bloom, which is almost all spring and summer. Oh, and these beauties are butterfly magnets.


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Can you believe that? A Japanese Red Maple for $5.97? Sure they’re young, but they sure are pretty, with deep red leaves.

And even better, this weekend you can get a FREE Japanese red maple! Just print the coupon at the top of this page and bring it with you. No purchase necessary to receive your FREE tree! Make sure you have that coupon, though. Print it, take a picture of it with your phone, whatever. Just bring it. Only 1 tree per customer, and this coupon is only good this weekend while supplies last. We don’t have an endless supply of these, so get here early in the weekend so you don’t miss out!

Let’s see, what else do we have for $5.97? How about 3 kinds of spirea? There’s Neon Flash, Little Princess and alpine spirea. Really nice plants, especially at this crazy low price. We also have Emerald and Gold Euonymus, Emerald Gaity Euonymus and Winter Gem Boxwood for low evergreen hedging, and these are a steal at $5.97.

Porcupine Grass

Grasses! We have some really cool ones! Japanese Blood Grass has red tips, and right now it is really red! Right next to it is porcupine grass. This one is a wow-er! Striped leaves, but not in the way you might think. You’ll just have to see for yourself, then you’ll understand. We also have a few red head fountain grass! Ice dance sedge is perfect for shadier spots. We also have some evergold sedge that we are super pleased with. They are so bright and cheery looking!

We’ve got a really nice variety of daylilies. Custard Candy, Stella D’ Oro, Happy Returns, Little Business, Mary Reed, South Seas, Whimsical and Little Grapette Daylilies, all at $5.97 as well. Don’t these have fun names? And they are beautiful stunners that love the sun and bloom all summer long. I love all of them and I almost hate to part with them, but there’s just no more room around here for them. So they’re ready to go for only $5.97.


Dark Night Bluebeard

Also at $5.97 we’ve got Purple leaf sandcherry and a fragrant Viburnum. Oh, and a few American Cranberry Bush, too. Where else are you going to get a purple leaf sandcherry or viburnum for $5.97?

Let’s see, what else do I have around here? Oh yeah, lilacs! I’ve got several fantastic kinds of lilacs for every color you could want. There’s white, pink, magenta, purple, lavender and even yellow. But the real show stopper that everybody is falling in love with this year is the gold-dust lilacs. These are some fantastic plants! The green leaves are dappled with a golden dusting on each leaf. No two leaves are the same, but the whole plant just lights up all year long!

We have mountain laurels! These are already getting ready to bloom, with those amazing flowers they get! Mountain laurels are just stunning when in bloom.

Sunfire Coreopsis

Some of these plants should be selling for $15 or even $18 and I’ve got them priced at $5.97. That’s nuts!

Lots of colorful heuchera, too! Most people know these as ‘Coral Bells’, but either way they are beauties, and I have lots of ‘em for just $5.97! Check this out. We have Carnival Limeade, Hercules, Mars, Palace Purple and Neptune. Then there’s Carnival Peach Parfait, Harvest Lemond Chiffon, Obsidian and Silver Scrolls. Oh yeah, one one called Kassandra that is unlike any other coral bells. Each leaf is a different color, but it somehow all blends together wonderfully!

We have 3 kinds of hydrangeas. There’s nikko blue, which has one of the best blue flowers of any hydrangea, or of any plant for that matter. We also have Glowing Embers, whose flowers are not pink or blue, but they are magenta or purple! And we have one of the reddest of hydrangeas in Leuchtfeuer (that means fire light). These are gorgeous plants and they are only $5.97 right now.

How about Azaleas and Rhododendrons? I’ve got several different kinds of azaleas. They’re all $8 apiece. These are fantastic plants!


Arizona Red Gaillardia

And we have a few kinds of rhododendrons. There’s Kabarett, a light purple flower with a dark red blotch. There’s Busuki (red). Bubblegum is a small rhody (3′ tall at maturity) with small leaves, and when it is in bloom the pink and white flowers completely smother the plant. These are only $10 a piece!

Okay, maybe I’m crazy for selling these so cheap, but I need the room!

I also have some really cool black lace elderberries @ $25 each! That’s a steal. You can’t touch these elsewhere for less than $40, if you can even find them.

Never heard of black lace elderberry? Google it! Googleblack lace elderberry’ and be prepared to fall in love! I’m serious!

I’ve also got some really nice Red Dragon Contorted Filberts for only $22 each. You may need to Google that as well. Red Dragon is a true plant lover’s plant. If you love plants, you’ll die for a Red Dragon Contorted Filbert. If you don’t love plants you’ll be going “Huh? Are you kidding me?” These are really nice and when they’re gone they’re gone. And they’re almost gone, only 6 left. Scratch that, 5 left. One just walked away with a happy customer!

Amethyst Falls Wisteria

Let’s see, what else we got? How about some wisteria for $9.97 each? We have one called ‘Amethyst Falls’ that is amazing when in bloom! We also have 2 kinds of climbing, fragrant, variegated honeysuckle, some gorgeous pink jasmine, and some climbing hydrangeas. These are fast growing, very hardy, and beautiful plants. We even have some clematis, one called Mrs. N. Thompson. When you see the picture of the flowers you’re going to say, “Oh man, I gotta get me one of those!” We only have a few of them, so get here early.

Hellebores! Hmm, looks like I have hellebores in a couple places. Well, there’s a lot of them, lots of colors, and just $13, too.

Over here are some roses – Warning, these are powerful plants! We have some yellow knockout roses and some beautiful, disease resistant red roses called Champlain. These are only $10 and are going fast!

I have some amazing grafted dogwoods! Summer Gold, Variegated Stellar Pink, Cherokee Brave and Greensleeves. Oh, and a really cool new one called Snow Tower. This one only grows to be about 4-5’ tall and just 1’ wide, and it is covered with snow-white flowers when it blooms. These are collector’s items and they’re really hard to find, but we’ve got them, and at a really great price, too! All our dogwoods are just $29 this weekend only!

Variegated Stellar Pink Dogwood

Let’s see, what else? How about some awesome late summer blooming plants! I’ve got two kinds of fragrant dianthus, Asters, 3 kinds of coreopsis including Sunfire, American Dream and Moonbeam. There’s 3 kinds of liriope and 2 kinds of astilbe for the shady areas. There’s bluebeard, purple smokebush, crocosmia, two kinds of coneflowers, Arizona Red blanket flower, Fire Dance torch lily, black eyed susans, Cherry Brandy black eyed susan, Annabelle hydrangeas, lots of ground covers, sword ferns, Japanese painted ferns, …you see what I mean? Lots of plants, and I’m getting dizzy just thinking about them!

Sale starts Saturday September 19th and runs through the 20th. We’ll be open 10:00 AM – 5 PM on Saturday, but we don’t open till Noon on Sunday. Clover Creek Nursery, 1226 140th St. E., Tacoma/Parkland, WA 98445.

Parking is along the front of the house. There’s some gravel there. The neighbors are nice, but they prefer you use our parking spaces.

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