Huge $5.97 Plant Sale

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This Thursday through Sunday!

10 AM – 5:30 PM

2,343 Plants must be sold this weekend, only $5.97 while they last!


Help! I think my wife is going to go crazy if I don’t get these plants out of our yard! I have to admit, she has a point. We are swimming in beautiful plants here.

What can I say, I love my plants, but I love my wife more, so right now I am moving plants over to this awesome produce stand in South Hill to sell them, mostly for only $5.97, including Japanese Red Maples, bleeding hearts, and flowering spirea in at least three or four different color blooms.

Winky Blue and White Columbine

Gold Flame Spirea is my favorite. The flaming red, yellow and orange leaves in spring are gorgeous. The Neon Flash, Little Princess and Alpine spirea are really nice as well. Absolutely beautiful when in bloom, which is almost all spring and summer. Oh, and these beauties are butterfly magnets.

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Can you believe that? A Japanese Red Maple for $5.97? Sure they’re young, but they sure are pretty, with deep red leaves.

Let’s see, what else do we have for $5.97? How about Rosy Glow barberry for protective hedges. It has beautiful burgundy and rose dappled leaves. Really nice plants, especially at this crazy low price. We also have Emerald Gaiety Euonymus for low evergreen hedging, and these are a steal at $5.97.

Baltic Amber Azalea!

We’ve got a really nice variety of daylilies. Always Afternoon, Big Smiles, Black Stockings, Breathless Beauty, Custard Candy, Stella D’ Oro, Happy Returns, Fragrant Returns, Fooled Me, Moses Fire, South Seas and Whimsical Daylilies, all at $5.97 as well. Don’t these have fun names? And there’s a bunch more I didn’t even mention. They are beautiful stunners that love the sun and bloom all summer long. I love all of them and I almost hate to part with them, but there’s just no more room around here for them. So they’re ready to go for only $5.97.

Also at $5.97 we’ve got burning bush, Flaming Silver pieris, and Moon Bay heavenly bamboo! Oh, and Summer Snow gardenias, too. Where else are you going to get a gardenia or a burning bush for only $5.97?

Fire Spinner Hardy Ice Plant

Let’s see, what else do I have around here? Oh yeah, lilacs! I’ve got several fantastic kinds of lilacs for every color you could want. There’s white, pink, magenta, purple, lavender and even yellow. But the real show stopper that everybody is falling in love with this year is the gold-dust lilacs. These are some fantastic plants! The green leaves are dappled with a golden dusting on each leaf. No two leaves are the same, but the whole plant just lights up all year long!

We have dappled willows! These are already beautiful with their white, green and pink leaves, and they grow quickly once in the ground. Dappled willows are just stunning, from spring through fall.

Johnson’s Blue Geranium

Some of these plants should be selling for $15 or even $18 and I’ve got them priced at $5.97. That’s nuts!

Lots of colorful heuchera, too! Most people know these as ‘Coral Bells’, but either way they are beauties, and I have lots of ‘em for just $5.97!

Oh yes, we also have several kinds of hostas! Blue, green, yellow, blue and yellow, blue and white, green and white, green and blue, and… you get the picture. All of these are just $5.97!

Snowball Bush

How about Azaleas and Rhododendrons? We’re having our annual Rhododendron sale this weekend! It’s kind of a big deal.

I’ve got nine or ten different kinds of azaleas. They’re all $8-10 apiece. These are fantastic plants and some are already blooming.

Azaleas tend to have vibrant flowers, and these are some of the vibrantest! OK, maybe that’s not a real word, but wait until you see these babies in bloom and then tell me whether I’m right or wrong. There’s Baltic Amber, a stunning orange. There’s Lemon Lights, a brilliant yellow. There’s Cannon’s Double, which can’t make up its mind which color it is. It’s yellow, then it’s pink, then it’s a little rosy red, then it’s all three.

Bowl of Beauty Peony

There’s Molalla Red, White Lights, Orchid Lights, Rosy Lights and Pink and Sweet. We even have one called Mary Poppins! Who doesn’t love Mary Poppins? This is an incredible azalea with deep reddish-orange flowers. In full bloom, you might wonder if you accidentally set it on fire!

And we have 12 kinds of rhododendrons for $8-15 too! My favorite is Melrose Flash – Large frilly flowers that are white, yellow, pink, red, and a few more colors thrown in there – really beautiful flowers!

Marshall’s Delight Bee Balm

Okay, maybe I’m crazy for selling these so cheap, but I need the room!

I also have some really cool black lace elderberry plants @ $27 each! That’s a steal. You can’t touch these elsewhere for less than $40, if you can even find them.

Never heard of black lace elderberry? Google it! Google ‘Black Lace Elderberry’ and be prepared to fall in love! I’m serious!

Pink Beauty Potentilla

Let’s see, what else we got? How about some Clematis for $12.97 each? 17 kinds to choose from – Nelly Moser, The President, Dr. Ruppel, Niobe, Ernest Markham, Pink Champagne, Multi-blue and a bunch more. Some of these will soon be in full bloom!

If you need a larger vining plant, we’ve got 4 kinds of honeysuckle, and pink jasmine. Oh, and two kinds of climbing hydrangeas. These are fast growing, very hardy, and beautiful plants. Oh, I almost forgot! We have some beautiful, already starting to bloom, Amethyst Falls wisteria for only $12.97!

Melrose Flash Rhododendron

Down by that table in the corner we have some gorgeous dwarf Alberta spruce! These look like there’s a Christmas tree farm over there! Really nice and only $9.97! These are worth a lot more than that, but this weekend they are just $9.97!

Over here are some Peonies – Warning, these are powerful plants! We have a reddish-magenta one and one that has large, fragrant white flowers with little fiddly bits of red in the middle of them. There’s one called Sorbet that looks like it has a flower inside of a flower inside of a flower! These are nice plants in 1.5 gal pots, only $13.97!

I have some amazing grafted dogwoods! Summer Gold, Satomi, Variegated Stellar Pink, and probably one or two others I can’t think of right now. These are collector’s items and they’re really hard to find, but we’ve got them, and at a really great price, too!

Dappled Willow

Let’s see, what else? I’ve got several kinds of fragrant dianthus, black mondo grass, lithodora, lots of ground covers, sword ferns, purple wood spurge, delphinium, bee balm, candy tuft, lavender, columbine, irises…you see what I mean? Lots of plants, and I’m getting dizzy just thinking about them!

Hmm, what else do we have? Oh yes, we have some great edibles! Blueberry plants, raspberry plants, gooseberries, white currants. We even have some fig plants! Desert King! These are so delicious, and the fig tree is really beautiful, too!

Oh, oh, oh I almost forgot – I’ve got some beautiful lace leaf Japanese Maples. There’s Tamukeyama, Orangeola, Orange Dream, Sango Kaku, Butterfly, Ukigumo, and some others I can’t pronounce. These are some gorgeous small trees with beautiful lace-leaves on arching cascading branches. I’ve got a few of these left. Not a lot, but a few!

Orange Dream Japanese Maple

Sale starts Thursday April 28th and runs through Sunday the May 1st. We’ll be open 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM. We’re at the South Hill produce stand on 144th St. E. and 94th Ave. E.

Derrick runs the produce side of things and I run the plant side. Get locally grown produce and plants in one place! Derrick has hanging baskets for $19.95, and great prices for tomatoes, watermelons, avocados, and honey crisp apples! I’m sure there are more great prices in there, but that’s what I noticed today. Parking is wherever you find a spot. There’s plenty of it.

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