Huge Plant Sale this Mother’s Day Weekend!


 We have some great Mother’s Day gift ideas this weekend! 


Thousands of beautiful plants, most only $6.97 each while they last.


Clover Creek Nursery
6712 106th Street Ct. E.
Puyallup, WA 98373


May 11-13th
Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Mother’s Day!!!) 10:00 AM – 5 PM



Prepare to be amazed! Our selection of $6.97 plants is huge! Thousands of them, come out and see. This is a partial listing.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Mothers love plants! (Fathers do, too, but we’ll get to that another time.) We have many great choices of plants that are only $6.97 (see below), but we also have many larger plants that will definitely delight Mom this weekend for just a little bit more. After all, Mom is worth more than $6.97, isn’t she? Here are some ideas:

OK, here’s what else we have…

Shrubs and trees: We have Rosy glow and Golden Rocket barberry plants, snowball bush, Spring Bouquet viburnums, blue star juniper, red Japanese maples, golden chain trees, royal purple smoke bush, red twig dogwoods, variegated red twig dogwoods, yellow twig dogwoods,  two kinds of flowering quince in red or peach, lynnwood gold forsythia, Gulf stream nandina (heavenly bamboo), diabolo ninebark, pink beauty and Red Sunset potentilla, dappled willows, mountain fire pieris and a lot more.


Fire Witch Dianthus

Fire Witch Dianthus

Oh, I almost forgot – fragrant lilacs! Pink ones, purple ones, red ones, blue… We have dwarf Korean lilacs, too.


Perennials: Several kinds of coral bells in spectacular colors. Several kinds of astilbe, too. We have a red ones, pink ones and white ones. These are beautiful plants for shady areas!

We also have Gallery Red and Russell Blue Lupine, fire witch dianthus and Neon Star dianthus just starting to bloom, 3 kinds of geum, 4 kinds of hardy geraniums, catmint, orchid frost lamium, silver mound wormwood, penstemons for the hummingbirds, phew. I’m getting out of breath and I haven’t half started! You gotta come see all we have. Seriously!

Hostas! We have lots and lots of hostas! Hostas are the best. They grow in shade or sun, but they really thrive in shady spots. They get big beautiful leaves. No two are alike, but they never clash with each other. We have many different varieties for only $6.97 each!


Ground covers: Kinnickinnick, the perfect evergreen ground cover, 5 kinds of hardy ice plants in purple, purple & white, yellow, apricot and one more called Fire Spinner that you have to see (see below)! 3 kinds of creeping phlox, white star and blue lithodora, candy tuft, creeping sedum, pink creeping baby’s breath, purple robe rockfoil, vinca minor…

Fire Spinner Ice Plant


Grasses! We have feather reed grass, variegated feather reed grass, northern lights hair grass. 2 kinds of Japanese forest grass. We have New Zealand flax! Ice Dance sedge.


Check out our complete availability here


This place is like plant treasure hunt. We have rows of tables. All packed with beautiful plants that we sell for $6.97 each. In fact, we ran out of tables, so we have more rows on the ground. This place is bursting with plants!

Shiraz New Zealand Flax


We also have some really nice premium plants that are still a fantastic deal!


Golden Curls Willow – we have 2 gallon willows that are huge for $29.97. These make some really nice tall shrubs or small trees, and they are very eye-catching with bright bold, golden yellow bark and corkscrew branching.

Clematis – We have 20 18 varieties of clematis this weekend! These make great climbing specimens with their out-of-this-world flowers. Climb them on a trellis, arbor, archway, fence, or even a lamp post!

Rhododendrons and Azaleas – New this week! We have 18 kinds of rhododendrons to choose from, and several azaleas, too!

Katsura Pieris – These are a really nice, new, patented variety of pieris. The new growth is a stunning wine red, and the flowers are pink.

Climbing vines – We have 1 gallon honeysuckles for $10.97. Also hydrangea vines and Fiona’s Sunrise jasmine. These are beautiful plants you won’t want to miss out on! In larger size, we have some beautiful 2 gallon variegated climbing hydrangeas and some wisteria for $24.97.

Peonies – These queens of the garden have enormous, gorgeous, fragrant flowers. You don’t want to miss out on our selection of peonies. We have 5 or 6 to choose from, including some you’ve probably never seen before!


Snowball Bush

Snowball Bush


Berries – We have several kinds of blueberries! Bluecrop, Bluejay, Elliott, Patriot, Pink Lemonade, and probably 1 or 2 others I can’t remember right now. These are in 1 gallon pots for only $9.97! Also Fall Gold raspberry, Coho raspberry, black satin thornless blackberry.


There’s a lot more but no more time to tell you. You have to see the selection!


This Friday – Sunday from 10:00 to 5:00! Don’t lolly gag, get your butt out here!


Clover Creek Nursery
6712 106th St. Ct. E.
Puyallup, WA 98373


Plug that into your GPS thingy so you don’t fly past the joint!


When you come by, I’ll talk to you. Face to face, just like the old days. I’ll show you my plants, offer gardening advice. Help you all I can. In person.


Listen, I want to help you make your garden even more beautiful than you thought possible.


If you like plants and like to save money, then you have to wiggle yourself into the car and come and see what we have.


We are in a big lot. We are renting space from the Larson tree service company. Pull in, park wherever there’s a space. If you see Lorn Larson, be sure and say hi. He’s really nice.


Clover Creek Nursery
6712 106th St. Ct. E.
Puyallup, WA 98373


This Friday – Sunday from 10:00 to 5:00!