Huge Plant Sale this Weekend!


Thousands of beautiful plants, only $6.97 each while they last.


Clover Creek Nursery
6712 106th Street Ct. E.
Puyallup, WA 98373


Friday and Saturday 9:00 AM – 5 PM, and Sunday 10:00 a.m. til 3:00 p.m.



Our selection of $6.97 plants is huge! Thousands of them, come out and see. This is a partial listing.



Tiddlywinks Mountain Laurel and Debbie Camelias! Beautiful flowers on an evergreen shrub. Both make great hedge plants. The supply is limited but we do have them, only $6.97 each.


Kinnikinnick, the perfect, evergreen ground cover.


Pink Beauty Potentilla, rosy-pink buttercup flowers all summer.


Annabelle Hydrangea. Annabelle has huge snowball type blooms and this plant never fails to bloom.


Snow Queen and Munchkin oakleaf hydrangeas. These have huge cones of flowers, stunning display!


Coral Bells, Coral Bells and more Coral Bells. We have an awesome collection, spectacular colors, perfect plant for the shade but they also do well in the sun. Selling them at $6.97 truly is crazy. One of the most colorful plants you can put in your yard.


This is the kind of thing other nurseries wish I didn’t do!!!


French Hybrid Lilacs! Holy cow are these things beautiful and fragrant. Spectacular varieties. Supply is limited and at this price they won’t last. Yeah, $6.97 each. Some of these are 3 feet tall! White, pink, red, violet, purple. Also Miss Kim Lilacs! These are compact, dense and very fragrant!


Gold mops cypress and Blue Star juniper, nice rounded evergreen, gold in color for the first, blue for the second.


Gold Flame and Gold Mound Spirea. These are two of our hottest sellers. Everybody that sees them wants them. Beautiful in a landscape.


Also, Snow mound Spirea. Another great seller, almost had a guy beat me up because I ran out last spring!!!


Geez! Almost forgot. I have all kinds of Blueberry Bushes including the really rare, hard to find, Pink Lemonade. I also have Duke, Jersey, Elliott, Bluecrop and a few others. $6.97 each!


The blueberries are loaded with flowers. They are going to make berries this summer! Shucks, they made berries last summer.


Perennials. I have some of the most awesome perennials on planet earth. Fire Witch Dianthus. I have a lot of these but they won’t last. They are just starting to bloom and they are spectacular. As soon as one makes a flower, Bam! it’s gone. Seriously. Great plant, low growing, really colorful year round.


The perfect shade plant. Astilbe! Stays small, flowers like crazy, comes back every year. Awesome plant! We have red flowering, pink flowering and white flowering one.


We have 3 kinds of columbine, 3 kinds of delphiniums, hardy ice plants in purple, yellow, and one called Fire Spinner that you have to see!


Rosy Glow and Helmond Pillar barberry! These have beautiful foliage and make great security hedges with their thorns. $6.97 for these.


Grasses! We have feather reed grass, variegated feather reed grass, dwarf pampas grass that still gets 6’ tall and wide, porcupine grass. We have 2 kinds of Japanese forest grass for shady areas. Eljiah blue fescue, evergold sedge, Northern Lights grass. Lots of grasses, all beautiful!


Dappled willows, Japanese maples, daylilies, hardy geraniums, geum, hostas for $6.97! We have several kinds of hostas of all shapes, sizes and colors!


Hostas for $6.97? We have some great ones to choose from. Blue Mouse Ears. Small, blue leaves look just like mouse ears.


Electrocution is just as small, just as cute but variegated green and yellow. These mini hostas look like someone shot 110 volts through them!


You’ll love them.


I’ve got a Hosta called “First Frost”. Man oh man are these pretty and fragrant in bloom. Had me questioning myself as I ogled them in bloom. Tall, serious guy in overalls shouldn’t get that excited about a flower. Should I? That can’t be normal.


We’ve also got Sum and Substance Hosta and all kinds of interesting colors like Blue Ivory, Blue Angel, Earth Angel, Patriot, great Expectations, Loyalist and Revolution. You really have to see them.


This place is like plant treasure hunt. We have rows of tables. All packed with beautiful plants that we sell for $6.97 each.


Selling plants that cheap is crazy, but it’s what I do. And they sell fast so get out here!


We have some great Mother’s Day gift plants, too! 2 gallon peonies just about to bloom for $15.97! Clematis in bud or bloom for $12.97. Roses in 1 gallon pots for $11. 2 gallon wisteria almost 5 feet tall for $24.97. Black Lace elderberries for $25.


We have tons of rhododendrons and azaleas for $10 in 1 gallon size!


There’s a lot more but my brain is starting to hurt from all of this thinkin. You have to see the selection!


This Friday and Saturday from 9:00 to 5:00! Mothers Day, 10-3. Don’t lolly gag, get your butt out here!


Clover Creek Nursery
6712 106th St. Ct. E.
Puyallup, WA 98373


Plug that into your GPS thingy so you don’t fly past the joint!


Phone number? Nah. I don’t do phones. You have to come out to see what we have.


I’m not much for that game of 50 questions. You have to come and see what we have. Once I post this I won’t look at it again until who knows when. I’m really, really busy making and selling plants.


I work hard. I get really, really tired. But when you come out I’ll talk to you. Face to face, just like the old days. I’ll show you my plants, offer gardening advice. Help you all I can. In person.


Listen, I want to help you make your garden even more beautiful than you thought possible.


If you like plants and like to save money, then you have to wiggle yourself into the car and come and see what we have.


We are in a big lot. We are renting space from the Larson tree service company. Pull in, park wherever there’s a space. If you see LornLarson, be sure and say hi. He’s really nice.


Clover Creek Nursery
6712 106th St. Ct. E.
Puyallup, WA 98373


This Friday and Saturday from 9:00 to 5:00! Mothers Day, 10-3.