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Below are links to many of the tools and resources we like to use in our gardening and nursery-ing. You may find them to be beneficial for you, too!
Disclosure: Many of the links are affiliate links, which means I would get a tiny percentage of anything purchased using one of these links, but it doesn’t raise the price for you at all. I only recommend products I use and value.


Nejiri Gama Hoe – I learned about this tool and ran out to Amazon to buy one in early spring 2013. I love this tool! It makes weeding so much easier.

Pruning Shears – These are not exactly the same, but are quite similar to what I use for pruning shears. The two key features these have that are essential are 1) They are bypass pruners. This means they slice, instead of crushing as they cut. 2) They can be taken apart easily by removing the nut that holds the pieces together. This makes it really easy to clean and sharpen the blade. For those two features, these are one of the cheapest good quality pair.


Osmocote Slow Release – Osmocote is the industry standard. I go through multiple 50 pound bags of this stuff each year and it is worth its weight in fertilizer. If it is good enough for the commercial nursery enterprise it is definitely good enough for the small home nursery and gardener like you and me. There are many different kinds and formulations so make sure you know which you’re getting. This is a slow-release fertilizer so you put it on and don’t have to add any more for several months.


Nitrile Gloves – When it comes to gardening gloves, I believe in “less is more”. I want to be able to feel what I’m doing, and frankly I find many gloves too bulky. So I tend to go bare handed unless I really need protection. These nitrile gloves are basically the same as rubber/latex gloves except they won’t irritate you if you have a latex allergy or sensitivity. These gloves are also ideal when working with bark. They will completely protect your hands from all those tiny slivers that fabric gloves can’t keep out.

Rugged CAT Gloves – I wear something very similar to these only when I am working with sharp/thorny objects or when moving heavy objects.


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