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Here is what our customers are saying about us!

KZ, June 2014
YES, YES, YES!!! Scott’s front yard becomes a sea of potted plants in hundreds of varieties. Almost all of the one gallon plants are under [$6]. I bought about 30 at one time and each one was thriving and very well rooted. I planted all of them about six weeks ago and they have taken off to continue their beautiful journey to lushness. As soon as I make room for more plants, I’ll be shopping at GreatPlant4Less. Thank you, Scott, for having such a fabulous green thumb!

Erik, May 2014
Fantastic service, friendly, and very affordable good quality plants. 5 Stars!

Anonymous, 4/19/15, 8:25 pm
Outstanding selection and knowledgeable owner!

Anonymous, 5/1/15, 2:03 pm
Great prices and a nice selection. The location and displays are unconventional, however the environment is great, and the guy is very knowledgeable.

Anonymous, 5/3/15, 2:50 pm
Great plants and incredibly helpful knowledge of all his products.

Anonymous, 5/29/15, 1:55 pm
Great selection and price, i will be going back.

Anonymous, 6/6/15, 9:33 am
We arrived close to closing time, however, we were met with courtesy, questions answers, given time to look around the many and wide selection. Made recommendations and how to care for plants we were interested in purchasing. Love the low key environment and no pressure to rush or purchase. Will visit again.

Kathie, May 2015
Scott’s plants are fabulous. This is our second spring buying from Clover Creek and Scott. Not only did he have every plant on my list, they are doing fabulously well in my garden. The perennials from last year came up beautifully this spring. Every one of them is thriving. It truly is amazing what Scott knows about plants. Oh, not to mention the best prices anywhere! He’s the real deal!!

Anonymous, 6/6/15, 9:34 am
Look forward to visiting and purchasing again. Appreciate the emails with helpful hints about gardening. Varied selection. Low key environment.

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