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Fall Lawn Prep

Last week I began a series of posts about what to do in your yard to prepare it for winter. I focused on a few key tasks for the garden. This week I want to talk about what you can … Continue reading

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Fall Garden Preparations

Fall is a great time to work in the garden. Around these parts, in Western Washington, the weather tends to be a little warmer than spring, and a little drier. The colors are beautiful, the air smells sweet and autumny … Continue reading

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Bees, Wasps and Hornets (Oh, My!)

Here in the Northwest, particularly west of the Cascades, our yards often play host to a variety of winged insects collectively referred to as “bees”. In reality, though, what is often termed “bee” may also include yellow jackets and wasps … Continue reading

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The Odd Rule of Landscaping

If you’re like me, when you walk into a plant sale or nursery it’s like you’re a kid in a candy store! “I’ll have one of each, please!” My eyes light up and I can’t wait to get my hands … Continue reading

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How to Make a Rain Garden

Many people have a spot in their yard that seems to flood a lot, or maybe is wet all the time, even in the driest parts of the summer. Typically these spots are at the bottom of a hill, and … Continue reading

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Practical Botany Basics for the Gardening Enthusiast Mary’s garden, according to the nursery rhyme, grew with “silver bells, and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row.” Of course that’s the completely wrong answer, as any botanist will tell … Continue reading

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Plants You’d Like to See at Clover Creek Nursery

Every year at my plant sales I get a number of customers who ask me if I have this plant or that tree for sale. Sometimes the answer is ‘Yes’, but often it is ‘Not yet, but I’ll look into … Continue reading

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How to Attract Birds and Butterflies to Your Garden

One of the questions I get asked the most at my plant sales is, “What kinds of plants attract birds?” Birds are a wonderful addition to your garden any time of year, but it is particularly nice to have them … Continue reading

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Winter Gardening is Not an Oxymoron

Here in the Northwest we have pretty mild winters, at least if you stay west of the Cascade mountains. Still we get a number of days below freezing, and even a little snow from time to time. In fact, just … Continue reading

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Worm Composting Basics

Indoor worm composting is a great way to expand your composting system. You may ask, “what is worm composting? And how does it differ from regular composting?” After all, aren’t worms involved in regular composting? Don’t most outdoor compost piles … Continue reading

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