Threadleaf Coreopsis Verticillata

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Threadleaf Coreopsis VerticillataThreadleaf coreopsis is one of the most popular of perennials. They are good for new gardeners who want some quick results. You want something easy to grow that will make a strong impact all year long? Go with one of these beauties!

Threadleaf coreopsis is so-called because the stems and foliage are, indeed thread-like. They are light and feathery, floating in the breeze. Run your fingers through the foliage in spring and see how soft they feel. Almost like a feather duster. Even if threadleafs had nothing else to offer except the foliage they would still be among my favorite plants.

Delicate threadleafs.
Enchanting, graceful webs bear
daisy suns of cheer

But the foliage isn’t all these plants do. Starting in late May or early June, the tips of the stems begin to form little, bright orbs that signal the coming of summer. And right on or around the 1st day of summer, these buds begin to open, showing forth daisy-like flowers that will completely cover the plant. Every stem will hold a flower or multiple flowers, with new stems growing up to offer new flowers to replace the spent ones. The flowering will continue right into fall, usually not stopping or even slowing down until first frost bites them, which is usually mid-late October.

All threadleaf coreopsis plants are sun-lovers. For best effect, plant 3 or 5 of them interspersed with other perennials in the front or middle of a border. A 1 gallon plant will usually grow to full size within two seasons.

Coreopsis plants should be divided every couple of years to ensure vigor and longer lifespan. They will bloom all summer long, especially if you deadhead them periodically. In my own experience the deadheading isn’t a necessity. However, if you find your plants have a lot of spent flower heads and not many new blooms coming on you can simply take your hedge trimmers to them and give them an even haircut. In less than two weeks they’ll be covered with new flowers again.

Zagreb and Moonbeam are two of my favorite kinds of threadleaf coreopsis.

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2 Responses to Threadleaf Coreopsis Verticillata

  1. Rita says:

    I have quite a few different coreopsis, but not the “thread Leaf” variety. Is this one of the plants you sell with Mike McGroaty? Would be interested in having a few

    • Scott says:

      Hi Rita,
      I mostly sell them at my driveway sales. However, I did sell some wholesale last month, but they sold out fast. I really like both Zagreb and Moonbeam.

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